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Released November 5th 2021
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Released September 3rd 2021
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Cygnus is an alternative rock band from Bath City UK, formed in 2020, comprised of Sam Batstone (Vocals), Ellen Britton (Guitar), Misha Jensen (Guitar), Sid Bridgwater (Drums) and Mo Cook (Bass).



So far, our style is a blend of alternative rock, indie and progressive rock, however we’re still discovering new sounds. The bass line tends to be our driving force in a song, layering over the two guitars as both players interchange between lead and rhythm, which highlights the melody carried mainly by the vocals. As of yet, our music has been inspired by the likes of Gorillaz, Polyphia, Rage against the Machine, Yungblud and many others, creating a fusion of a metallic-funk and modern-rock style.


Each player comes from a unique musical background causing the core of our songs to sound surprising and balanced. Over the years of playing instruments we’ve all found the areas of music that we resonate with most, Sid and Mo by jazz/funk, with Sid adding that “hip-hop’s a big influence”, Ellen and Misha finding heavy influences in metal, classical music and experimental rock and Sam by Indie/pop. However, our interests are not only limited to these musical categories since our music will forever be evolving as we do.

Our debut single “Polaroid” was released on the 3rd of September 2021, followed by our Second release “Only Caller” on November 5th. The plan is to write a full EP by next year.


You can contact/find us at:






Instagram:  @cygnusbanduk






Instagram: @cygnusbanduk

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